Bookmarks: Timeline Movie Maker


Okay, you can call me an outdated village boy, or whatever do you want. But I’ve just found this interesting website that can convert your timeline into video. Yes, video! As for me who likes video and video effect a lot, this is very interesting. The song, the video quality, the angle, and the effect, all looks very professional. It even lets you to choose which photos and videos to be included in your video. The process is not so complicated. Try it, and let you be immersed with yourself!


Bookmarks: Your Adobe After Effect Resources

Tutorial Links:

Plugin Links:

Template Links:

Someday, we all have to start something. And this is one of such days for me. I’ve had this unexplicable feeling towards video editing and video effects. But, as you know, some people linger on various excuses to NOT start learning. That including me. I know that I’ve wanted to master After Effect since God-knows-when, but I always postponed it with lame excuses. And someday in the future I know I will use my lame excuses as a reason why I still can’t master After Effect after all these years. So, I know that I must start. In this post I bookmarked some of tutorial from beginning to the end, along with a great advanced tutorial, and some free plugin and template links. For those of you who tried to learn Adobe After Effect but has those chronic procrastination habit, try to break free with this.

Bookmarks: VLC Media Player Tips and Tricks

Link: 6 Cool VLC Tips and Tricks

Link: Download VLC Media Player

I never use VLC Media Player. I’ve always use Media Player Classic (MPC) for my daily video player, as it can, literally, play just about anything. Until I read this article. Then I thought to myself, those features are so cool, even though the user interface is not so pretty. So today I’m gonna give it a try. Some of those cool features are streaming broadcaster solution, format converter, and play video ASCII as output. I know some of these feature are already around, even in Linux. But it still worth mentioned. 🙂

Reminder: How to Program 2D Games using Dev++

Link: (it’s in the comment section)

It’s weird, when I was read 9gag, that I found one comment talking about game programming. So I thought I will copy and paste it for future references.

Want to program games? Well just do what I did and follow these steps: 🙂

Step one: download dev++ from
Step two: download core media library from
Step three: got to your C:\Dev-Cpp\Examples\CoreMediaLibrary\basic folder and studie those examples.

You’ll be able to program simple 2d games in no time. Trust me, I’m a Game Programmer 😉

I never program anything in Dev++ and coremedialibrary environment, so this makes me interested. 🙂

Bookmarks: Chinese Proverb with Character and Meanings

Link: Proverb in Chinese Characters and Japanese Symbols

Link: Famous Chinese Sayings

I encounter these site on my task to find some illustration for the school’s Chinese workbook cover. I want to put some proverb in the cover to fill out the empty spaces. Turns out that this site gives more than just proverb, it also gives the Chinese character for it and also explanations, both for direct translation, and also the hidden meaning behind it when connected to the Chinese cultures, which also makes non-Chinese reader can relate.

Some of my favorites are:

  • How can you catch tiger cubs without entering the lair of the tiger?
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 
  • Undaunted After Repeated Setbacks.
    Persistence to overcome all challenges.
  • Experience is the Mother of Wisdom.
  • Black or white cat matters not as long as it can catch mice.
    Ability is more important than looks 
  • Mark the boat to find the lost sword, ignoring the changing circumstances of the world.
    Circumstances change, so one should use methods that can handle the change. For example, one should not depend on old business models for a changing market.
  • Drinking the water of a well, one should never forget who dug it.
    You should always be grateful to those who helped you succeed.
  • Put out a burning wood cart with a cup of water.
    Refer to an foolish attempt to accomplish a job with an inadequate or improper tools.
  • One who walks by the river may end up with wet feet.
    It’s a reflection that there are risks in life, and you should not be surprised when things don’t go your way.
  • Learn New Ways From Old.
    New ideas coming from past history.
  • Not Only Can Water Float A Boat, It Can Sink It Also.
    Anything that can lead you to success may also contain great risks.
  • The More We Sweat in Training, The Less We Bleed in Battle.
    More practice will give one a better chance of success in real situation.