Bookmarks: How to Prevent Windows Themes Change

Change enabled
Change disabled

Link: Prevent Users from Changing Screensavers and Wallpapers on Windows 7


Link: How to Allow or Prevent Changing Theme in Windows 7
Fast link: Allow changes .REG  |  Prevent changes .REG

In my workplace, I have to manage more than 20 computers. And sometimes, I get tense when I need to revert changes made to the computers for each of the computer and each of the session. So, I search for a better solution, and then find these two websites.

These two websites basically the same, although the first website offers a better step by step explanation using gpedit.msc, meanwhile the second website offers a fast and direct .REG solution, which I will really needed to lock more than 20 computers in such a short time.


Bookmarks: What Makes a Post Freshly Press-able

Link: What Makes a Post Freshly Press-able: a flock of crows

I come across this when reading the Freshly Pressed article of WordPress. I usually don’t give a damn about making my articles in a way that’s “eligible” to be listed on freshly pressed, but this is a nice point of view to consider, especially when it’s coming from the crews behind the desk. I’ll try to consider that in my future articles in Life in a Nutshell… maybe. 🙂

Bookmarks: How to Crimp a UTP LAN Cable

568-B wiring
568-B wiring

Link: How to Make a Category 6 Patch Cable

As a IT Staff, it’s now seemingly becomes my routine job to crimp UTP cable for computers as they’re moved around to a place where there’s no Wi-fi and free UTP LAN cable connection around. So, I guess I just have to make one. And turns out I have to makes plenty in the upcoming days. So, as I were never had lessons on how to crimp a cable back there in my university day, I always have to depends on tutorials on the internet. This tutorial above is specific on cat 6 cable, which is… have no apparent difference with cat 5 cable which is worse in quality but more popular.