Bookmarks: 1000 English Proverbs

Link: 1000 English Proverbs and Saying

I was having this task, to create a new cover for the student’s notebook (workbook). The notebook is for Math, English, Bahasa, and Chinese subject. While I create the Chinese cover, I suddenly got an idea to put some Chinese proverbs into it, as Chinese usually identical with old man contemplating and reading ancient proverbs from ancient times. I don’t know where I suddenly got that image. But anyway, after I preview the Chinese subject cover, the English teacher began to say “I also want something like this for the English notebook.” Okay, so I start to search on the internet. And it’s not too hard to find this link in a couple of the top links in Google Search. I search thoroughly, and I find some proverbs quite fit for the students. But as I read it, I feel I become wiser too (just by an inch). So I think I will bookmark it here just in case I, or any other people, wants to find it again here.

I will list some of the proverb I like from that website, just in case the website won’t be online anymore in the future.

6. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

8. A black hen lays a white egg.

22. A cracked bell can never sound well.

43. A friend’s frown is better than a foe’s smile.

67. A Jack of all trades is master of none.

95. A stitch in time saves nine.

137. All that glitters is not gold.

138. All things are difficult before they are easy.

154. An ill wound is cured, not an ill name.

189. Barking does seldom bite.

207. Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.

239. By the street of ‘by-and-bye’ one arrives at the house of ‘Never’.

280. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

303. Envy shoots at others and wounds herself.

330. Everything is good in its season.

355. Fool’s haste is no speed.

386. Gossiping and lying go hand in hand.


Bookmarks: Deep Freeze Boot Loop (pending.xml solution)

Link: Windows 7 Startup Repair Loop (Look for the third and last solution posted by Moab)

Any IT tech guy will someday meet this confusing and frustrating problem:

  1. You install deep freeze on a computer.
  2. Someday later you thawed boot the computer to install updates.
  3. The updates have 2 parts: the one that is installed on the current session of Windows, and the one that has to be installed after boot.
  4. The update install the first part in thawed state.
  5. And then the machine restarts.
  6. While on booting mode, the update install the second one in frozen state.
  7. And then before Windows enter the desktop, the machine restarts.
  8. Because the second part of the update installed in frozen state, it got abandoned, and the machine restart as though as the second part of the update never installed.
  9. Return to step 6.

This is very frustrating, because it’s like locking your house, and then you lost the key, or the key doesn’t working anymore, and it leaves you outside of your house and can’t come in, or locked you inside and can’t come out. It’s like creating a foolproof lock that even you yourself cannot break it when you need to do it. That’s what happened to me today. So I search on the internet for the people who experience same problem like me, and what’s the solution. I’ve tried every possible solution, starting from booting in command prompt and rename the Deep Freeze filename to disables it, up to trying to do system restore, only to realize that I never create any system restore point since I’ve known about Deep Freeze. And in the internet, the solution I found is really not very much. The tech guy in Microsoft simply point at Deep Freeze and just mention to do system restore. And in Deep Freeze’s own website, the problem only mentioned but without any solution (look for number 4443).

Then I found the solution in the link above. It tells me exactly what I’m looking for: how to prevent restart after the updates has been installed. Basically, the steps are:

  1. Boot into command prompt.
    You can do whatever way you wish, from press F8 and select safe mode with command prompt, or using Windows setup, open the repair mode, and select command prompt (this is what I do).
  2. Locate to C:\WINDOWS\Winsxs.
    You can use CD or CHDIR commands to do this. If you don’t know how, look for them online.
  3. Rename or delete the file pending.xml.
    I suggest to rename. I also notice that many people had problems with authorship of the file and “access denied” error message. In my case, I didn’t have any problem about that, so I suggest you follow my way exactly, by enter command prompt through Windows setup.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. The computer will redo what it was doing (installs the second part of the updates), but this time, it’s almost guaranteed that after it finishes, it would not restart the computer, but continues to the desktop.
    How this is possible, I also don’t know. From there, you can boot thawed. And finish where the updates has left off.

But if you want to have some insight about what and whatnot to do with pending.xml, some of these articles may help you.

  1. Why you don’t want to edit your pending.xml
  2. An article from Microsoft that suggest to edit pending.xml

Bookmarks: Adobe Photoshop Blend Modes

Link: Photoshop’s Five Essential Blend Modes For Photo Editing
Link: Non-Destructive Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

I’m not a designer, but I learn design. I didn’t take any design course or major, but I’ve take some design project. Of course, that would means I still don’t have complete understanding about how designing works, and that’s why I still need to learn day by day. Today, I “accidentally” stumbled upon these good articles, that talks about blend modes. I know about blend modes, but I never use it extensively. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t know too much so that blend modes will be any real good in my cases. So, if I know about blend modes better, maybe I will use it more often to aid my photo digital editing. In here, you can find a handful tutorial about it, and how to apply it in real situation (non destructive dodge and burn, for example).

Bookmarks: Learning about Ruby

Links: Introduction about Ruby

Okay, I’m not planning to learn Ruby soon, as my hand is full with Android. But today’s email from Codecademy is bothering me; this one line sentence that said: You can explore this powerful yet beginner-friendly programming language with ten all-new lessons and projects.

Powerful? Beginner-friendly? I’ve heard about Ruby before, but I thought it was just scripting language like actionscript. Not that I’ve mastered actionscript to lay out any comparation, but that’s what I thought. I’ve heard Ruby in some weird places, in RPG Maker, for example. When I tweaked with that program long time ago, I read that it supports Ruby. I think that program simplifies everything, so that even the Ruby scripting is written automatically using wizard. So I think, Ruby in general is a scripting language for game programming and all, but I don’t think “powerful” and “beginner-friendly” are among the list of what defines Ruby.

So when I receive the email, I get intrigued over those two words. And I decided to give it a shot. And it turns out at a glance, that Ruby sounds like a full-fledged scripting language that even Google use it for 3D modelling, and NASA use it for simulation. I don’t know yet how powerful Ruby is. But, no, I’m not going to learn it anytime soon. I’ve decided to focus on Android. But I’m keeping the bookmarks here to reminds me someday to come back and check this out. And I’m sharing this to you guys, so that you who wants to learn about Ruby, can learn it sooner. The link above links to a page with a very detailed tutorial about Ruby, even laid out in a game-quiz style. Perfect for newbies, even if you don’t have any programming background before. Well, that’s maybe from the codecademy side. I guess universities should start to offering Ruby programming language in the curriculum plans…

Bookmarks: Hassle-Free Online PDF Converter

Link: Convert Documents and Images (online) to PDF

Don’t you hate it, that when you need to convert documents and images online (because you can’t do that on your current PC because of whatever reason), and all sites that you found are sites that also ask for email address where they will send the converted PDF? So in order to get your converted PDF documents you need to:

  • Provide your email address to stranger sites, that probably will spam your email address with promotional junks, and
  • Forces you to then open your email service to get your converted PDF, with a slow c0nnection from the email website server.

So I do a little digging, and I found this awesome sites that only takes your documents and images as input, and give the converted PDF output result almost immediately, to be downloaded straight to your computer. It doesn’t ask for your email address, your phone number, your facebook account, or anything else. This is very convenient. Their server is fast. And, on the plus side, it has a broad range of array of document types to convert to, not only PDF. See the website yourself.

Bookmarks: Dropbox Hacks

Link: 5 Ways to Send Files to Dropbox without Dropbox

I am now in the fever of accessing everything on my smartphone, even lecture notes. Yes, I am taking notes of lecture using Microsoft Word, and I want to transfer it to my smartphone. But there are many restriction here on the campus’ computer, so I can’t install required program and drivers so that the computer can access my phone card. And I wasn’t even bring my card reader either. So I was thinking of using Dropbox as a medium, as I have installed Dropbox in my smartphone. But then again, to use Dropbox, I also need to install Dropbox, which still imposed with security restriction. So I’m doing a little Googling, and find this awesome article that discussing 5 ways to send files to Dropbox without using Dropbox, aka web solution. Now I’m sharing this with you guys, and also to reminds me where I can visit this awesome article. Right now, the lecturer is on recess, so I’m quickly composing and publishing this article. Quick!

In summary, 5 ways to send files to Dropbox without Dropbox is:

  • FileStork – download files directly from Internet to your Dropbox account.
  • Send to Dropbox – using email service to send files to your Dropbox.
  • DROPitTOme – creates personalized URL which you can upload directly to your Dropbox from your computer browser.
  • URL Droplet – download files directly from Internet to your Dropbox account.
  • sideCLOUDload – using your computer browser or email service to send files to your Dropbox.

On the other hand, after I write all of these, I remember that I can email myself the lecture notes. How slow of me. 😐 I will still use the Dropbox solution, anyway. XD

Bookmarks: Android Programming Tutorial

Link: Android Programming Tutorial

I’ve found another awesome site that teach Android programming just like if you were on an online course. Given that now I’m also in a long time course in real life, this is really fits into my brain way of thinking. Try to follow step by step, and you’ll be mastering Android programming in just no time. Well, it do takes some time. But using this tutorial, you’ll be really guided step by step, using humanely words as possible. 🙂