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Links: RA2 building techniques

Robot Arena 2 is my childhood game memories. This is a game that allows creativity to flows out, while at the same time teach proper basic physics. You can design your own robot with almost 360° of freedom, putting your own mechanics, wiring, weapons, and send them to fight in awesome arena.

And now, I’m bringing such memories to my students at school, as the school where I work at will held a Sports Day. And one of the “race” at the Sports Day is for them to compete in Computer subject. Actually, I didn’t really get how competition in Computer is included in Sports Day as there’s no muscle works included, but whatever. At least, I felt the same excitement as when I was one of the committee when my University held a logic fun computer race for high school students back then. So, I think I will be able to pull something off from here.

The link I bookmarked above is (are) the most comprehensive links I can get that talking about all kind of things about Robot Arena 2. The only thing that I needed are ready-made robots that I can import to the game so that I don’t need to recreate all those robots for the competition day. But there are so many things on that website that I don’t know before. It’s very scary how human can grow, if they are focused on one thing, even if that one thing is seen as just a simple thing at beginning. Once someone master something, they can develop efficiency, optimization, and flexibility out of the box that can turn the whole simple thing upside down. One thing that I just know from that website is that you can even make the bots to fly — something that I didn’t know it were exist. Of course it doesn’t exist in the original game mechanics. But there are people who dedicated their time exploiting all the glitch and the physics, so that they can make something awesome from the ordinary.