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One of the successful ad using 'Stack-em High' fonts!
One of the successful ad using ‘Stack-em High’ fonts!

Link: A Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Fonts

This article was catching my attention while I browsed through Pinterest, which is another interesting thing since I don’t usually open my Pinterest account. Some of the great quotes in this article are:

  • The devil’s in the details. So my Nan tells me.
  • If one font is used as a sub-heading, don’t switch to another font for a sub-heading elsewhere. Keep a font’s purpose clear.
  • Successful pairing relies on concord, or contrast, but not conflict.
  • One way of achieving concordance between fonts is to pair two from the same family.
  • A proportionately large x-height helps with readability.

Quotes: Gadgets for Children

Link: Will they switch? The Kid Test: Windows Phone vs. iPhone

I was browsing through some tech news site, when I found this unbiased article, along with a great comment in it. I don’t want to lose it along the way, so I put the comment in here to reminds me.

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