Bookmark: Android Plugin Standalone Download (Offline Installer for Eclipse)


Update: Sorry, I’ve just realized that Android already have Android Development Tools (ADT) bundled with Eclipse download package. With this, you and I don’t really have to worry anymore, as everything is already included, like the case I have when I was trying to install the same thing for BlackBerry development. But that also means you have to download the whole 450 MB instead of just 45 MB because you have to download the Eclipse too.

Link: How to install Android SDK without internet connection

I found this gem after searching for a while. I’m going to teach (or at least, start preparing) to teach Android (or BlackBerry, or Java, I still undecided) at school, and I have to install many computers with Eclipse and Android plugins. And I certainly don’t want to go through all the downloads and hassles as I remembered last time I install the Android plugins, it was VERY long. I put it here so that I don’t have to search all over the internet again.

Here some “snapshot” of the website as usual, as I feel the need to have my own version just in case the website is disappear from the internet. Be warned though, I won’t update this. So you need to open the original website to see the updates. And the website is pretty much updated on this one.

The google repository where you can find all the download links:

For e.g. if you want to download Android SDK for version 4.0.3 for all platforms, you could look up that XML file. You will find a block under tag SDK 4.0.3 like this

<sdk:archive arch="any" os="any">
<sdk:checksum type="sha1">f2aa75133c29916b0b0b984974c2d5e46cb09e9c</sdk:checksum>

So the URL will be is