Bookmark: Delete Browsers Autocomplete Entries

Link: How to Banish Embarrassing or Annoying Autocomplete Suggestions from Your Browser


  • Type the initial letters that allows you to see the unwanted autocomplete entry on the dropdown combobox.
  • Make sure it’s highlighted.
  • Voila, the entry is gone! This works for Firefox and Chrome.

Have you ever find yourself mistyping URL in the address bar, or your username on the login form, and now Firefox always suggest it? That happens a lot to me as a web developer while I’m testing my site frequently. For years, I thought this has no solution, until it finally got my nerves and I started to look about that. After a few times discarding unrelated search result that’s teaching how to obliterating the whole autocomplete entries, I found this result. Now, no more mis-select autocomplete entry after mis-typing entry!