Bookmarks: Beautiful Chinese Painting

Link: Chinese Painting Birds Nature Picture Arts

Link: The Beauty of Chinese Character

I’m in the middle of designing something so I cannot give a detailed background story about these links right now, but what I can tell you is that the links I posted in here are fall into the category of old chinese painting art, using color ink without oil. Oh, and of these are all high resolution painting, as it’s very hard to find high quality and free of watermark chinese painting nowadays.


Too many quiz(es)!

Today is my second day at my attempt to conquer the master world of postgraduate. I have to say, it’s not an easy task. Who got three quizzes in just two days of their college beginning day? But oh well, everything must going on. It’s not that I have a really hard time doing the quizzes right now. It’s the future that I’m worried about. Will I get my master degree in satisfactionary way, even flawless, or will I fail? I don’t know what the future’s hold. But I know whatever happened, my God will always stay with me.

A Nice Monday Afternoon

This is monday afternoon, and now I’m already on my girlfriend’s house. I wrote this post from my girlfriend’s laptop, while she’s taking a bath. Why I wrote this post, you say? Nothing. Just enjoying the freedom to write anything without constraint, unlike the pressure feeling that I felt each time I wrote on my other blog. This feeling is great, and enables me to keep my minds flowing without worries. This, in turn, supply inspiration for me to write quality long posts on my other blog.

Today was also a farewell party for Franky, our chef in school. We was going to Steak Hut after school on his treat, and then we continue to sing a song in Happy Puppy karaoke. That was pure enjoyment! And now, I’m already at my gf’s house to pick her up for our scheduled date. Yes, we are dating every Monday! Isn’t that weird? Maybe some of you feel that a little bit weird, but we have to pick day on Monday because we can’t date on Saturday night, as we both have some “errands” to do with God. 🙂 But at least, dating on Monday has its advantages, one of which is a cheaper theater price. 😀 Alright, she’s finish taking a bath, now I’m going to enjoy this Monday night. How I love to blogging without the space constraint and quality constraint! See you around!

Bromo: Only for Hardcore

I’m finally home from the exhausting trip to Bromo, and the schedules followed after that. Thank God I’m still alive after all of those things. Anyway, from that trip to Bromo, I can give you some conclusion: that Bromo is now just for the hardcore nature-lover hikers. Since its small eruption and tremor not so long time ago, the envirnonment now becomes harder. Many landslides, and the 200 steps stair? Al ost completely buried in the volcanic sand, making the journey to the top of the mountain 3x harder than usual. The stairs itself is badly damaged, and there are no signs that the local government planning to reconstruct the stairs. So if you’re going to Bromo for some vacation pleasure with your friends, I would say it’s best for you to cancel your trip, before you disappointed. Except, of course, if you’re a real nature lovers and felt challenged instead. 🙂

Going to Bromo

English: Stairs lead to Mt Bromo caldera, Brom...

Tonight I’m going to Mt. Bromo to accompany guests from Taiwan. The travel scheduled to depart at 11pm this night. Yeah, approximately 2 hours again. I will going to school, meet with them there, and depart together. I don’t know why I feel somewhat excited. I have prepared all I can, even though I know that some of those isn’t too necessary. I’ve prepared warm clothes from the tip of the hair to the bottom of the feet. I even download offline maps to my tablet. I will be arrive home tomorrow at 6pm. Looks like I need to prepare for a long night, and a long day too. I hope I can befriend these taiwanese guests, as it’s always wonderful to add new friends, like the last guests from Taiwan that come in May. Even though they have a different mother language, but I guess if I try hard enough, I can overcome it eventually. Maybe I will posts some photos — if I get good photos — after I’m back from Bromo. See you soon guys. 🙂