Reminder: How to Program 2D Games using Dev++

Link: (it’s in the comment section)

It’s weird, when I was read 9gag, that I found one comment talking about game programming. So I thought I will copy and paste it for future references.

Want to program games? Well just do what I did and follow these steps: 🙂

Step one: download dev++ from
Step two: download core media library from
Step three: got to your C:\Dev-Cpp\Examples\CoreMediaLibrary\basic folder and studie those examples.

You’ll be able to program simple 2d games in no time. Trust me, I’m a Game Programmer 😉

I never program anything in Dev++ and coremedialibrary environment, so this makes me interested. 🙂


Mystery Regarding RGB/8/CMYK in Adobe Photoshop (Color Proof)

Logo of Adobe Photoshop.

Okay, some of you might has already stumble into a sudden color changes problem while working with transform tool, or maybe while working with any keyboard shortcut. The title of the documents automatically changes into RGB/8/CMYK. I hate when this happened, especially because I always have a hard time to find out why and how this can happened without my knowledge. And after a thorough searching in the internet, one day I found out the solution. And I finally able turned it off. And the next month, I stumble into the same problem, and I forgot what the solution is. So I do a thorough search again. And finally found the solution. But at the next next month, which is today, I forget about it again, as I once more accidentally turned it on again! Okay, this has to be the last time I search through the internet for the same problem’s solution. So I write this in my blog as a reminder for me, and maybe for you too the visitor, who also having a hard time finding the solution for one tiny annoying problem.

What is that all about?
It’s a feature of Adobe Photoshop, called “color proof”, which enables you to live preview an RGB picture in the CMYK color space result.

Why it can be accidentally turned on?
Because it has a shortcut of CTRL-Y (CMD-Y), near the transform tool shortcut of CTRL-T (CMD-T). I’m working a lot with transform tool, so that’s why I sometimes accidentally pressed CTRL-Y instead of CTRL-T.

Why I don’t know how to turn it off?
Because I don’t know how it turned on at the first place! Sometimes I will just pressed CTRL+any letter to find out  which shortcut I accidentally pressed, but to no avail. Maybe sometimes bashing the keyboard into someone’s head can be a good solution. (Warning: unconfirmed!)

So, how to turn it off?
Just press CTRL-Y once more, and it should be gone. In case of that doesn’t work (like my case),  you can find the “color proof” option under the menu View. Click it, and poof, the proof will be gone.