Bookmark: Android Plugin Standalone Download (Offline Installer for Eclipse)


Update: Sorry, I’ve just realized that Android already have Android Development Tools (ADT) bundled with Eclipse download package. With this, you and I don’t really have to worry anymore, as everything is already included, like the case I have when I was trying to install the same thing for BlackBerry development. But that also means you have to download the whole 450 MB instead of just 45 MB because you have to download the Eclipse too.

Link: How to install Android SDK without internet connection

I found this gem after searching for a while. I’m going to teach (or at least, start preparing) to teach Android (or BlackBerry, or Java, I still undecided) at school, and I have to install many computers with Eclipse and Android plugins. And I certainly don’t want to go through all the downloads and hassles as I remembered last time I install the Android plugins, it was VERY long. I put it here so that I don’t have to search all over the internet again.

Here some “snapshot” of the website as usual, as I feel the need to have my own version just in case the website is disappear from the internet. Be warned though, I won’t update this. So you need to open the original website to see the updates. And the website is pretty much updated on this one.

The google repository where you can find all the download links:

For e.g. if you want to download Android SDK for version 4.0.3 for all platforms, you could look up that XML file. You will find a block under tag SDK 4.0.3 like this

<sdk:archive arch="any" os="any">
<sdk:checksum type="sha1">f2aa75133c29916b0b0b984974c2d5e46cb09e9c</sdk:checksum>

So the URL will be is


Bookmarks: Pairing Font Tutorial

One of the successful ad using 'Stack-em High' fonts!
One of the successful ad using ‘Stack-em High’ fonts!

Link: A Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Fonts

This article was catching my attention while I browsed through Pinterest, which is another interesting thing since I don’t usually open my Pinterest account. Some of the great quotes in this article are:

  • The devil’s in the details. So my Nan tells me.
  • If one font is used as a sub-heading, don’t switch to another font for a sub-heading elsewhere. Keep a font’s purpose clear.
  • Successful pairing relies on concord, or contrast, but not conflict.
  • One way of achieving concordance between fonts is to pair two from the same family.
  • A proportionately large x-height helps with readability.

Bookmarks: How to Fix Unresponsive iDevice Home Button

iphone home button

Link: iPhone home button not working properly? How to fix it?
Link: Calibrate Your Home Button
Link: iPhone 4 home button not work correctly
Link: Four ways to fix an unresponsive iphone home button

First method:

  1. Open any stock app on your iDevice. For example, Calendar or Stocks.
  2. Press Power and Home button together, so the “Slide to Power Off” slider appear. *DO NOT SLIDE*
  3. Now, press Home button for at least 5 seconds.
  4. The app will be closed, and the “Slide to Power Off” slider will also disappear too.
  5. Now your Home button will already more responsive.

Second method (if the first method doesn’t work):

  1. Plug the Phone cable (powered)
  2. Press and hold the home button until voice control is activated
  3. Release the home button
  4. Unplug
  5. The Home button now should be more responsive.

Third method (which fix if your deck connector is misaligned through normal wear and tear):

  1. Plug the Phone cable (doesn’t need to be powered)
  2. Gently push down on the 30-pin connector, so that it pushes up behind the home button.
  3. While you apply the pressure, click the home button.
  4. Remove the cable.
  5. The Home button now should be more responsive.

Fourth method (which means there are some humidity broke your iDevice home button circuit):

  1. Take some 98-99% Isopropyl Alcohol that is used to absorb moist.
  2. Drip two or three drops into the home button, avoiding the screen.
  3. Press and tap the home button repeated for a few minutes, so that the alcohol seeps into the frame
  4. Left it for another ten minutes.
  5. The Home button now should be more responsive.

Fifth method (if all is fail) is to activate the on-screen home button:

  1. Open the Settings “apps”.
  2. Open General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch
  3. Turn Assistive Touch on
  4. Now you’ll see a small circle appear on screen, which you can tap for four more options: Siri, Home, More, and Favorites.

This article suddenly popped out of nowhere in front of my computer while I was working on some paper for my study. It’s not like I’m having trouble on my iPad, but this article makes me interested. So I dig up further information, and assembling some of the information summary above for your and my future convenience.

Bookmarks: Beautiful Chinese Painting

Link: Chinese Painting Birds Nature Picture Arts

Link: The Beauty of Chinese Character

I’m in the middle of designing something so I cannot give a detailed background story about these links right now, but what I can tell you is that the links I posted in here are fall into the category of old chinese painting art, using color ink without oil. Oh, and of these are all high resolution painting, as it’s very hard to find high quality and free of watermark chinese painting nowadays.

Bookmarks: Robot Arena 2 Resource


Links: RA2 building techniques

Robot Arena 2 is my childhood game memories. This is a game that allows creativity to flows out, while at the same time teach proper basic physics. You can design your own robot with almost 360° of freedom, putting your own mechanics, wiring, weapons, and send them to fight in awesome arena.

And now, I’m bringing such memories to my students at school, as the school where I work at will held a Sports Day. And one of the “race” at the Sports Day is for them to compete in Computer subject. Actually, I didn’t really get how competition in Computer is included in Sports Day as there’s no muscle works included, but whatever. At least, I felt the same excitement as when I was one of the committee when my University held a logic fun computer race for high school students back then. So, I think I will be able to pull something off from here.

The link I bookmarked above is (are) the most comprehensive links I can get that talking about all kind of things about Robot Arena 2. The only thing that I needed are ready-made robots that I can import to the game so that I don’t need to recreate all those robots for the competition day. But there are so many things on that website that I don’t know before. It’s very scary how human can grow, if they are focused on one thing, even if that one thing is seen as just a simple thing at beginning. Once someone master something, they can develop efficiency, optimization, and flexibility out of the box that can turn the whole simple thing upside down. One thing that I just know from that website is that you can even make the bots to fly — something that I didn’t know it were exist. Of course it doesn’t exist in the original game mechanics. But there are people who dedicated their time exploiting all the glitch and the physics, so that they can make something awesome from the ordinary.

Bookmarks: 1000 English Proverbs

Link: 1000 English Proverbs and Saying

I was having this task, to create a new cover for the student’s notebook (workbook). The notebook is for Math, English, Bahasa, and Chinese subject. While I create the Chinese cover, I suddenly got an idea to put some Chinese proverbs into it, as Chinese usually identical with old man contemplating and reading ancient proverbs from ancient times. I don’t know where I suddenly got that image. But anyway, after I preview the Chinese subject cover, the English teacher began to say “I also want something like this for the English notebook.” Okay, so I start to search on the internet. And it’s not too hard to find this link in a couple of the top links in Google Search. I search thoroughly, and I find some proverbs quite fit for the students. But as I read it, I feel I become wiser too (just by an inch). So I think I will bookmark it here just in case I, or any other people, wants to find it again here.

I will list some of the proverb I like from that website, just in case the website won’t be online anymore in the future.

6. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

8. A black hen lays a white egg.

22. A cracked bell can never sound well.

43. A friend’s frown is better than a foe’s smile.

67. A Jack of all trades is master of none.

95. A stitch in time saves nine.

137. All that glitters is not gold.

138. All things are difficult before they are easy.

154. An ill wound is cured, not an ill name.

189. Barking does seldom bite.

207. Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.

239. By the street of ‘by-and-bye’ one arrives at the house of ‘Never’.

280. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

303. Envy shoots at others and wounds herself.

330. Everything is good in its season.

355. Fool’s haste is no speed.

386. Gossiping and lying go hand in hand.