Bookmarks: Internet Explorer’s ieframe.dll Error or Crash After Open Error

Link: Internet Explorer 8 crashes, hangs or restarts while opening or closing tabs

Okay, I’ve opened so many websites that I’ve lost track of what website finally give me this solution. But if you have any problem with ieframe.dll error (you have to experience it first for you to understand what I mean, it’s a weird error like illustration picture above that I found many people in the world actually experienced it too), or worse, you can’t even open Internet Explorer, don’t fret, because Internet Explorer have this “reset” feature that actually works! This will reset your Internet Explorer and erase all the wrong settings that prevent your Internet Explorer from launching and working properly. It will make your Internet Explorer like brand new. Sure, your add-ons, and preferences will be gone, but hey, what’s good of preferences if you can’t open your browser, right?

To reset Internet Explorer:

  • Open Control Panel and double click on Internet Options. If you can’t do it somehow, open Start > Run on Windows XP, or just open Start menu on Windows 7, and type inetcpl.cpl. I assume that you can’t open Internet Explorer, so we will use ‘backdoor’ access to Internet Explorer options through Control Panel.
  • Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • On the bottom, see the ‘Reset’ button? Yes, click it.
  • It will ask another additional confirmation, and whether you want to delete your personal data with it. That means all your saved passwords and browsing history are gone. As far as I’m concerned, nothing harm can be done by erasing this. Who knows that it’s the settings that actually prevent Internet Explorer from opened up in the first place, right?
  • Click ‘reset’.
  • After a few steps, it will be done. Just in case, if your Internet Explorer is on, restart it to apply the reset effect.

From what I know, this solution can fix almost every problem on Internet Explorer, including ieframe.dll error, which I have searched on the entire internet with no result. Or, if your Internet Explorer has been infested with malicious toolbars and don’t know how to get rid of them, this should be a quick solution. This works particularly well on Internet Explorer 8, as reinstalling Internet Explorer 8 is an impossible feat to do in Windows 7. I believe it will works too for higher version of Internet Explorer.